Koch Fractal

“I’m an evolutionary biologist student at Middlebury College. This tattoo was done at True Love Tattoo in Berkeley CA and is my attempt to show both the beauty and my love of chaos in nature. “–Sam Dakota Miller

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0 thoughts on “Koch Fractal

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Fractals mean a great deal to me – they’re both a physical embodiment of the concept of infinity and an element of undeniable order in a seemingly chaotic universe. I’m personally facing a particularly transient period of my life, and fractals provide a clue that there is in fact something in the universe that’s concrete, reliable, and organized. They’re a comfort and a source of beauty. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo of Sierpinski’s Triangle for these reasons – seeing this was definitely a helpful push in that direction.

  2. I’ve considered getting a fractal tattoo, but I fear that I’d want more detail in the smaller repetitions than any tattoo artist could accomplish. Maybe I’m being overly picky, and definitely have unrealistic expectations…

    I love fractals for reasons somewhat similar to Nina above – I’m not a mathematician and don’t fully understand the numbers behind them, but to me the concept is a perfect representation or symbol of my worldview and the universe on many levels.

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