Darwin's Tree

darwin tree
“Attached is a photo of a tattoo I got immediately after turning in the final paperwork a little over two weeks ago for the completion of my Ph.D. in biological anthropology. It’s the first evolutionary tree that Darwin sketched in his 1837 Notebook B on the transmutation of species.” –Julienne

See Darwin’s original sketch here

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0 thoughts on “Darwin's Tree

  1. You are one misguided soul, look to your creator for answers. He’s the one that gave you the intelligence to pursue science. You just need to remove scientific confusion from your life.

  2. Julienne I am getting the same one on my calf in a couple weeks!!! Tripp I am including the “I Think” verbiage too 🙂 Bubba Jim, successful troll is successful… if by chance your serious, get the frak of my internet.

  3. Gene & Tripp:

    Me too with the “I think” part. Dammit, I thought I thought of this first!! But no matter. We will be a small little club. Mine’s going on my forearm, btw. In the true spirit of natural selection, I am hoping it will weed out the Bubba Jims from my dating circle.

  4. Just had mine done 🙂 Wanted a tattoo for years and years (I’ll be 50 soon) but never found anything that *really* resonated with me – I’d been reading about Darwin & evolution and had seen the tree of life and knew it was the one for me!!

    (I have the ‘I Think’ and the ‘A’ is done in red for my daughter Alanah )

  5. Wow I am planning on getting ‘I think’ too!! and i thought i was the first! congratulations Julienne! I got my PhD a 6 months ago and know the wonderful feeling of relief!Good luck for the future! xx

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