Science Tattoo Friday: The Scientific Revolution in Pictures

Copernicus tattoos.jpg"Here are my two Copernicus/scientific revolution homages. I teach science at a public school in eastern MA. It’s nice to see the size of the subculture of science geeks that are also tattoo geeks." –Chris

They’re two of the newest contributions to the my flickr set of science tattoos, but they’re two of my personal favorites. Check out all 131 images.

0 thoughts on “Science Tattoo Friday: The Scientific Revolution in Pictures

  1. This post immediately zoomed to near the top of my personal list of cognitive approach-avoidance conflicts. Until now I had convinced myself that I had a sound logical foundation for a mild revulsion to tattoos. But, now I am confronted with a science tattoo, a subject of never ending interest to me. I am sure that I am going to be conflicted the next time I have to pass that ‘A Million Tattoos’ sign off the highway.

    Oh, My! I feel an impending resurgence of the classic conflict between good and evil!

    Damn you Carl Zimmer!

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