Just because it’s Halloween


What’s Halloween with black cats? While the superstitious may dread a black cat crossing their paths, I live with one that follows me into the bathroom every morning to watch me shave (I don’t know what she finds so interesting about it). Her name is Charlotte, and even though my wife and I adopted her one year ago this month as a kitten she hasn’t gotten much larger than she was when we first brought her home. Indeed, she’s so adorable that she gets away with nearly everything, often pawing at my pants legs whenever I open the fridge in the hopes that she’ll soon be receiving a slice of turkey.

I should probably amend my opening statement, though; black cats are considered good luck in some places. While generally considered to be bad luck or associated with witches in countries that experienced witch hunts, countries in which witch hunts were rare or nonexistent may still regard black cats to be good luck. In reality, black cats have no influence on luck good or bad, but I’m glad I have a little black feline skittering around the apartment.


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