Science Tattoo Friday: Contains Carbon

Carbon.jpg"I am a biochemist, studying to be a molecular biologist, and the tattoo I am sending is the entry for carbon on the periodic table of elements. Since all living things on this planet at least are carbon based, from a chemical standpoint, it doesn’t get much more basic than carbon. Hence the tattoo." –Erin

The call for science tattoos has brought 81 images now. After two months, they keep coming.

0 thoughts on “Science Tattoo Friday: Contains Carbon

  1. I’ve decided to wait for a partner to get a tattoo…something like the Microsoft logo, Animal Planet,a double helix, Darwin in Che Guevara’s beret giving the Archbishop of Canterbury a swirly, you get the idea…
    The catch would be you can only make it out when our hips are together…

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