I wonder if they’ll use the “F-word”…

On October 18th (next Thursday) the NYAS Science Allicance will be presenting a panel discussion entitled “How Various Media Outlets are Used to Popularize, Communicate & Promote Science” at NYU. Christopher Mims (Scientific American), Ann Marie Cunningham (NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Science Friday), Kitta MacPherson (the Star Ledger’s Science section), and David Levine (Office of Communications and Marketing for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation) will be the panelists, although I’m a bit disappointed to see that blogs aren’t being represented on the panel and science blogging will likely figure in the talks as well (thanks for the correction, Kate). I’ll be there though, and registration for the event is still open so sign up if you’ll be in the city and have the time next Thursday.

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