Science Tattoo Friday: Linguistics Edition


"Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon with my own tribute to my scientific style. This is a tattoo of the word for Body, Spirit, Person, People, and Life in Owens Valley Paiute, written in International Phonetic Alphabet. I am a Linguist that specializes in Endangered languages and thought I needed this tagged on me."–Russ

Will tattoos be all that remains of some languages? Something to ponder as you peruse the science tattoos I’ve posted on Flickr–76 and rising.

0 thoughts on “Science Tattoo Friday: Linguistics Edition

  1. A lot of these tattoos look brand new (very bright unfaded colours, skin still inflamed…) I cannot help wondering if you are not showing people’s existing science tattoos as much as inspiring new ones?…

    Nothing wrong with that obviously!

  2. The Tattoo is about a year old, the picture was taken the day of, and yeah, just Google IPA, there are several good ones. There are even audio pronunciation programs.

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