Forecasting Extinction

I’ve got a story in the current issue of Science about the challenge of predicting how many species (and which) may become extinct due to global warming. You can read the article here on my web site. I blogged about some of the early material in the article back in 2004 here. For a good summary of the qualms many scientists have about the power of current models, check out this recent review in the journal Bioscience: pdf.

[Update: If for some reason you have trouble reading my article on my web site, the link to the story at Science is here.]

0 thoughts on “Forecasting Extinction

  1. Carl Zimmer — Your article comes up on my browser (Firefox) missing many lines of text at disconcerting places…

  2. Homo Sapiens any time soon?

    Read the Obituary column in the morning, and if you aren’t listed, then go to work.

    So, maybe only corn is left, industry modified, to produce huge amounts of fructose, and we all explode like Mr Creosote (The Meaning Of Life).

    When i was a kid, all i had to worry about was Nuclear Armageddon, and the sky falling.

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