Blogging Brothers: Go Read “From A to Zimmer”!

If you want to know how a new word gets into Oxford dictionaries, or are interested more generally in the bubbling cauldron of modern English, check out the the first post of new blog from Oxford University Press, From A to Zimmer. That’s Zimmer as in Ben Zimmer, lexicographer, editor at Oxford University Press, and brother.

0 thoughts on “Blogging Brothers: Go Read “From A to Zimmer”!

  1. On that grading scale, i’m in trouble. I can hear my folks saying: “You got an ‘S’?”.

    Of course, i could reply that it was all their fault.

  2. Ha! I’ve been reading Language Log (and hence reading numerous Zimmerposts) for ages: I had no idea you were related! Small world…

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