Host Shift: Web Site Evolution

Just a quick note: I’m in the process of changing hosts for my web site, Once the transfer is done, you should be able to get to the article archive, book pages, and all the rest once more. The down time shouldn’t last too long. The site will also be going through some long overdue overhauling. Believe it or not, the web site was built back in the twentieth century. Out with the vacuum tubes, I say.

0 thoughts on “Host Shift: Web Site Evolution

  1. Ja–The web site is separate from, which hosts my blog and many others. So the will have no effect on your rss feed from here.

  2. And core memory?

    I’ve worked on two machines with core. One lived long enough for TCP/IP to be invented (the net transfer protocol). The other lived long enough to actually run Unix and TCP/IP. But it didn’t live
    long enough to run even a text-only web browser.

    Vacuum tubes…

  3. Vaccum comes in tubes? What breathing difficulty is that for?

    Anyway, I’ll take the opportunity I should’ve taken in the post about your nomination: this is one of the most thoughtful, wideranging, articulate, and–at appropriate times–bitingly funny science blogs on earth!

    Thanks, Carl.

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