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The Seed in-house blog, Page 3.14 has been running Q & A’s with some of its bloggers. Mine’s up now.

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  1. “Mycology is better than yours.” (As seen on my professors office door in the botany department of the University of Wyoming. You’ve inspired me to revisit some of my fungi books. I always forget how fascinating they are.

  2. Ha! “Immersed,” good one, Charlie!

    Too bad that you don’t appreciate more fully the “miracle” of whale evolution and adaptation, then…

  3. My two favorite novels are Moby Dick and Ulysses, Carl, so I really enjoyed the quote from Melville and your admiration for “Poldy.” Bloom is too often viewed as a loser whose parallels with Ulysses/Odysseus are entirely ironic or even mocking. I found him a hero on my first reading for his curiosity, his compassion, his willingness to put himself in other people’s hearts and heads. Thanks for sharing.

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