Close Your Eyes. Picture a Global Flood…

The comment thread over on my recent creationist-critique post has been very lively. A second creationist has joined in the fray, and I’ve posted a response.

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  1. That second creationist links to a YEC group from Arizona. If there is any group of people who are utterly without excuse for being YECs it is people who live in Arizona. The amount of willful ignorance required to be a Arizonan YEC knows no end.

  2. Great article. If the radio show you listened to seems crazy to you, it is painful for me. I am a believer, an adult convert. I keep thinking something as ungrateful and crazy as creation science will die, but it won’t. Creationism is presented as essential to the faith, which means I am often telling someone who knows of my belief, “No, I do not think the world is 6000 years old.” Creationism is ungrateful because, to use this forum as an example, people who actively deny modern physics (Einstein can’t be right if the Universe is 6000 years old) are using quantum-physics-based electronics and satellite technology to spread their message. They should say thank you or restrict their propaganda to ink on paper. And many Creationsist are kept alive by modern medicine and doctors trained using an evolutionary model. Again, you would think people who owe their lives to medical care developed in the last 100+ years would want to at least be grateful if not charitable toward those who keep them alive.

  3. You should have linked to your hemoglobin/myoglobin comment instead, your science knowledge demolishes these guys so much better than snark.

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