Evolution Resumes in November!

evo%20cover.jpgHarper has put up a new page on Amazon for the reissued paperback of Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea. It will include an introduction I’ve written that surveys some of the important developments in both the science and politics of evolution in the five years since the book was published. The Amazon page doesn’t show the cover yet, but it’s in the fall catalog–a subset of these lovely eyes. The publication date is scheduled for November (cough…Christmas gifts…cough).

0 thoughts on “Evolution Resumes in November!

  1. Cool. I read half of it (I am unusual fast read, but a hard and stressful semester meant I couldn’t before it was due). I think I about buying, even if I finish reading it.

    Best evolution book bar none, expect for The Blind Watchmaker.

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