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Mike Lemonick, Time’s excellent senior writer on science, has started a blog. I can’t think off the top of my head of another staff science writer at a big magazine or newspaper who has a blog (as opposed to us itinerant science scribes). So welcome to Mike.

One quibble: why no comments? A journalist who doesn’t let blog readers comment is…well, I won’t use bad language here (but I will here).

Perhaps that’s the downside of life on staff–lots of lawyers hovering about.

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  1. I will occasionally read blogs that don’t allow comments. John Hawks has one such. It’s so informative that it would be foolish of me to pass on him.

    But, in all honesty, I don’t go there as often as other places. This is the new world where we can all communicate with each other and it’s damned addictive. So when someone denies me my drug of choice…

  2. Hi there, Carl.

    What, shying away from the “C-word,” (“coward”) which you tossed around so freely at the science writers’ conference and on my podcast?

    You c*ward! 😉

    …Personally, I know there are a lot of reasons why some blogs don’t offer comments. Not all of them are related to cowardice. However, I do think that if you stop your blog from being conversational, you are missing a big opportunity.

    IMHO, of course

    – Amy Gahran

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