What to do after you lose your job at NASA

Congratulations to Dan Vergano of USA Today, Michelle Nijhuis of High Country News for winning the 2006 journalism awards from the American Geophysical Union. The AGU is the country’s leading organization of Earth scientists. Both reporters won for articles on global warming.

You can read Vergano’s article here, and Nijhuis’s here, here, and here.

I imagine that George Deutsch is looking for some things to do to fill the time he once spent censoring NASA scientists about global warming. As an ex-journalism major, he might be interested in reading some reporting that scientists recognize for getting the science right.

0 thoughts on “What to do after you lose your job at NASA

  1. Mee-ooow! (And I mean that as a heartfelt compliment.)

    Deutsch suffers from a condition endemic in DC, one that threatens the world more than nearly anything menace: Fact Aversion Disorder (FAD). Judos to The Loom for its promotion of science and critical thinking, the only known antidotes.

  2. Don’t hold your breath on Deutsch learning a blasted thing. As much as I love Texas A&M in general, going to A&M for a journalism degree is like going to Caltech to study dance, and Texas universities in general would be better served by giving their journalism majors government grants paying them to drink themselves to death. Certainly, if such grants were available, the quality of the Dallas Morning News and far too many of our weekly newspapers would improve immeasurably within a few years.

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