Those interested in my upcoming talks may want to visit my main web site. I’ve started to post information about the talks, as well as bringing the archive of my articles up to date. Nothing more depressing than a stale web site.

0 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Carl, there is this place, far, far, away… called the WEST COAST. Consider it. We would love to see you out here. UCLA, USC, STANFORD, CAL BERKELEY… Hollywood. “Soul Made Flesh”, starring Sandra Bullock. Dream the impossible dream Carl!

  2. I have been to that distant land, and the people there are very nice. If I get invited to any of their sunny venues to talk, I will hop on a plane.

    As for Sandra Bullock, would she play Rene Descartes or Christopher Wren? I need to work on the pitch…

  3. What ever happened to all those comments I wonder? Is this just another blog where the manager does as he pleases? Please advise either openly or via email. I have better things to do than waste my time with those that are not interested in alternative views concerning a phenomenon that isn’t even going on any more.

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