The Loom In the News

The Austin Chronicle has an interesting piece today on blogs, which marks the first time anyone’s ever interviewed me about the Loom. Conclusion: no money, uncertain future, but much fun.

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  1. That was one of the better mainstream articles about the phenomenon I’ve seen. It wasn’t snarky or bemused; the author seemed genuinely interested.

    I keep running across people who celebrate (or at least take note of) their first or second “blogiversary,” so there’s something keeping them going.

  2. I dispute and recent the bases of your facts. During your visit to CSPAN “BookNotes” brief of your book of “Soul of the brain” the lecture of early Greeks and Middle age scientist and philosophers, whom had published rediscoveries or pagdnized knowledge was very interesting.
    Ignored, and not talked about was very early ‘5000 BC and unto AD’, Egyptian scientific documents were unpublished, the early medical discoveries during human beings development of modern civilization of amazing pyramids, and other structures and inventions; science of medicine and the body “mummification of the human body”; and society “echelon” structures and mental philosophy of the mind connection to astronomy and gods after the collapses of Egypt. Their written tablets and tomb inscriptions of discoveries and experiments were noted and removed by the Greek conquest of Egypt were housed in Alexandria, Greece “superior” library of scientific studies as attended by those so called enlighten Greek intellectuals discussed while or not pursued toward consensus is irrelevant.


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